Friday, April 13, 2007

Ceramic mustache mania

This is from Garth Clark's website. I guess mustaches are so new they are old.

Richard Slee

Winner of the 2001 Jerwood Applied Arts Prize, Richard Slee (b.1946) is one of the most interesting and significant ceramicists working today. Richard Slee is the most consistently innovative ceramic artist of his generation, a restless neo-Pop artist in the genre of Jeff Koons and Paul McCarthy, although, to put this in context, he evolved and refined his highly witty style and satiric vocabulary in the early 1970's long before either of these two artists arrived on the scene. His work is influencing the new generation of makers with his sleek, sly and meticulous objects that play in the cracks between function, design, decorative art and domestic tools. This exhibition, following a critically acclaimed book and retrospective exhibition, reveals the artist at the height of his expression.

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