Thursday, April 12, 2007

the only dish

This is the newest dish. The best one for the show so far....heck the only one for the show so far
I have decided I love slip stencils.
Thanks a ton to Ryan Kelly for instilling a love of cut paper shapes into my heart!!
Ryan Kelly Rocks!!!


Guy Michael Davis said...

It may be possible that Rebecca Harvey actually introduced the cut paper resist to some people when she taught at the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design.

Naomi said...

right, but ryan kelly instilled the love of cut paper stencils in me. it is quite probable though that rebecca instilled this love in ryan.

Naomi said...

any how, cut paper stencils and slip rock, any way you look at it

Katie Parker said...

I would also like to thank Ryan Kelly AND Andy Byers for cutting paper. And I think it should be noted that they not only cut paper they folded it too.

Guy Michael Davis said...

Im glad it is working for you it looks nice.