Saturday, April 14, 2007


so a few days ago i finished casting the work for my show.
ten minutes ago i was carting the very
last two pieces to bisque for my show down to the kiln room. and wouldn't you know it... i slipped on a push pin that was lying on the ground, whacked my ankle on the side of the cart something rotten . As i fell towards the floor in the cartoonish "i just stepped on a banana peel" style i caught my balance by crushing the very last piece i had cast. damn it all!

so i guess it is back to casting that one last piece.

ps. my computer just ate my website and also is playng hide and seek with practically all my files. i love life


Candace said...

me so sorry for you, damn push pin. looked like a beautiful piece. working in the glass dept. lately i realize they share the same opportunity to have something that took hours to make, break into a million pieces in a second. how's your ankle?


meredith said...

too bad said incident didn't occur one day eariler.
then you could have blamed it on the push pin AND friday the 13th.

i curse all push pins in the name of naomi!