Sunday, March 30, 2008

osu at nceca 2008 : pittsburgh

just a little note saying that osu was a hit at nceca this year.
our 08 zine "adventures in furaway lands" SOLD OUT.
all of friday we were working with one last desk copy!

oh and what's this? some of the osu grads were featured in the nceca juried student show?
a huge congrats to our very own GMD who took the Graduate Award for Excellence.proof of the win.
we are looking forward to seeing the golden 40 oz trophy when it arrives.

brandl and host also made an appearance in the student show.
yay for red dots.

AND on top of all that...
miss rain harris had a lovely scroll piece in the Material Transcendence show.
(picture coming soon...)


kkwoman said...

Congratulations, OSU-ers!-- from one of the RSJE jurors.

Naomi said...

way to go Mike!!!!