Friday, October 12, 2007

Here are a few things I did this summer....

We attended two fairs this summer. This was the first time I have visited the Ohio State Fair and gee-whiz did we have a great time. It was a life changing event, Katie Parker left with a whole printing press, and I cant get that live stock smell out of the car.
The second event was the Renegade Craft Fair Chicago. Rain, Naomi, Katie, and I set up booths [ the blue ones in the pictures above ] and sold our work. Seriously thousands of people came out, and I think we left a good impression on Chicago. I told everyone about the Ohio State University Ceramics program, and a few had already read this blog.
In the studio I was trying to figure out how to fire this large porcelain bird and keep it from slumping over, but then realized how I could make the bending work to my advantage.

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