Monday, July 23, 2007

Hijacked Ceramics

I found this person on the site
i really like his work. It is terracotta with overlayed slip patterns.
What do you lot think?

This is what the artist (Nathan William) says about his work:

I have created a collection of functional pottery inspired by my travels to such places as Mexico, Italy and Thailand. I have experienced an uncanny vibration in each of these places, feeling their reverberations of history, color, joy, and mystery. Each is in a constant state of renewal due to the environment, neglect, time, and development. I am captivated by this process in which layers of color, pattern and texture build up quickly, only to wear away revealing the previous layers, which consist not only of paint on a wall but of the cultural, political and spiritual history of each.

My fascination for this history and the vibration of these places has become the basis for my pottery aesthetic. Using the juxtaposition of modest forms and rich surface decoration I have developed this collection, titled “Crossroads”. In this series I employ many layers of vibrant colors and textures then painstakingly sand back though them, creating weathered finishes. It is not my intent to reconstruct a certain time or place, but to craft enigmatic pieces which feel well traveled yet at home in the hand.

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Katie Parker said...

This is my friend Nate from Massachusetts - he graduated from UMASS Dartmouth last year, and has a studio in Fall River. He makes great work - both functional and amazing installations.