Sunday, July 29, 2007


SO its here.... the ceramics monthly focus on graduate programs. It looks really great. a bunch of schools with really top notch programs (none as great as OSU of course) and the article has great pictures and tons of helpful info. Thanks so much Sherman. you rock!!

Rain: Thanks for talking about how OSU gives such great funding. It is one of the most important things to know...OSU is free, they actually pay you to attend!!!
i cant believe i didn't talk about that.

Anyhow, it looks great!!!

this is an excerpt from the web page. but check out the magazine.

focus | graduate programs

The M.F.A. Factor
If you have seriously studied ceramics, chances are the prospect of getting an M.F.A. has crossed your mind at some point. From now until the end of the year, we will be profiling various M.F.A. programs across the country to help you decide if graduate school is right for you-and, if so, which type of program suits you best.

"Cherry" by Rebecca Harvey, Ohio State University.

Ceramics Monthly Online

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