Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Okay so I’ve been worried about shaders for the past few weeks. Yes, I said it Shader. Don’t worry “MS Word” doesn’t recognize this word either. I think I can safely describe it a virtual glaze, which one applies to a 3d computer model. So here are three images taken from my Digital Cinematography class project, all variations on falling sugar. Conceptually there is a progression from photorealism to a more “stylized” approach. Enjoy.


meredith said...

why do the "shaders" worry you?
there seems to be something maniacal to them.

the stylized sugar reminds me of a curtain or carnival tent.
seeing the actual sugar slowly dripping, as in your case display, was great. being able to walk by it everyday and make mental notes of the sugars downward progress is way more interesting to me than photos of it. maybe some sort of video is needed to document?

the movement kinda went through cycles for me... from beautifully grostesque to almost repulsive.

i enjoyed your case a whole lot...having it change almost on a daily basis left me thinking "what's next" constantly.

thumb's up.

Lisa said...

I have really enjoyed watching the orange sugar drip through the copper wire in the corner. It was interesting to see how the shapes changed based how much space it had to squish through the wire.

The images of the sugar that you posted are quite beautiful, however they loose something for me in translation from reality to image. The images freeze the changes in time, preserving them. But it seems that the work is more about the change and time elapsing. I would love to see some video imagery that shows the process that the sugar has gone through.

Oh yea, I was also really into the white tray that had ?copper? in it with some sort of blue solution. I liked watching the bubbles shoot out from underneath the mass, actually experiencing some part of the reaction that was going on.

What are you "cooking" up next?

Guy Michael Davis said...

what is your favorite, the digital or the real? the relationship that we all developed with the case in the ceramic department was much like the kind people develope with blogs. You check the blog to see whats new, to make sure nothing has been missed, you know that it is changing, its growing daily, continuously, and you want to see it.

Eileen said...

not a huge fan of the images. huge fan of the drippy goodness in the case. i am a little sad about the green one. it needs to get the show on the road. I am way to curious about what it would look liek if the melded together as it dripped. i also enjoy the play the orange one is putting on by being ambiguous as to whether it has fallen or whether it is trying to climb up the wall. kudos. also theres something creepy about the deteriorating chair. I have to agree with meredith that perhaps a video woudl be sufficient for documentation.

holly goring said...


i too enjoyed the daily stare at the dripping sugar more so than the shaders thus far, but maybe the shaders aren't done yet? but good that you are trying to marry the two facets of your art making.

i find it interesting that you are using these organic/food materials in your work/investigations while simultaneously dealing with major food allergies. i wonder if there is way to connect the two, is this a consideration?

rain said...

I have to say I am intrigued, but I question the idea that you are making virtual glazes. The phenomenon that takes place in the kiln is what appears to me to intrests you most. The virtual glazes seem to strip the work of the element of chance and experimentation, which seems to be the cornstone of your work.