Friday, April 20, 2007

Uncle Owen tells you to forget it.

So cupcakes they say. Humph. Fine, I get it. So here is my cupcake story.

The scene is a child’s birthday party. The year is 1977, shortly after the epic release of Star Wars. The children are running around the house and yard making Tie Fighter and X-Wing sounds, mimicking the familiar crackle of light sabers striking one another. One small group is gliding around jerkily imitating Droids. In one word the scene is hopeful. The birthday boy has only one request, cupcakes that resemble the recognizable metal top of his favorite character R2D2. As the birthday song commences the feeling in the room is exuberance, and glee. As the birthday boy’s mother turns the corner, coming in to full view of the boy’s entire entourage, they all see the yellow and brown visage of a smiling teddy bear shaped sheet cake. Disappointing, cupcakes are for sucks.

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